This was the thought of the day over at Design is Mine yesterday. I couldn't agree more. Graphics by Sean McCabe.



I can't believe I want to write about the New Year and we're already a month into it. That really puts in perspective for me why a year can fly by the way it does... Only 11 more of these to go. I was thinking yesterday--mostly because I haven't been in proper school since early December that I feel lazy and a little aimless. I had the itch of wanting to make more and do more and help more. Which led my mind here--as it often does, that the beauty of a silly little blog is that I can look back and see my own crafted words often. And posting them to the internet instead of jotting them in a journal makes it more of a responsibility and therefore more likely to occur. Anyway - on the flip side I hate coming back here knowing there is a risk that I'm not here to stay. I am making it a goal to write at least once a week. That seems reasonable, right ?

I was particularly inspired to start this today, the 5th of February, because I just came across this blog posting on Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Blog. As I'm sure we all know where she is coming from I thought it a good one for the beginning (ish) of the year. I don't think I'm there yet but I do so appreciate her words. And as I graduate (once again) very shortly, it makes me wonder if finding your purpose externally is a myth... Maybe she is right.

[Image above courtesy of Jodi Housman--from our NYE spent with Jay z + Coldplay at Barclay's Center in Brooklyn]



Concrete Bath.

I pretty much love concrete everywhere in a house. I'm not fully sure I can articulate why, but I like how much texture it has while still being smooth (does that make any sense ?). I like it's slight variations in gray, and I love that you can pour it into any form you want. There is a watercolor like fluidity to this very massive heavy material. Maybe you can't have a full concrete bath, but here are some great touches. Shave kit, toilet brush, soap dish (no longer available).Have a great weekend :).


More Spring 2013 For Your Monday ...

 This TRB might be my winner of the lot...


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Officially Fall, The Most Perfect Time of Year.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
~Roald Dahl

Photo is my instagram from The West Village, last weekend (unofficial fall ;)