Weekend Baking.

So my most recent creation does not look at all like one of Nikole's, but I had fun just the same, and employed the flag waving form of wishing a Happy Birthday. Again, no surprise, I turned to Smitten Kitchen's Best Birthday Cake. After reading reviews of her icing being a bit "sour" I took her suggestion of using the Instant Fudge Frosting. This was the simplest thing I've ever done in my life short of opening a container of Duncan Hines (which I avoid at all costs). You literally can just dump everything in the food processor !

There is something so wholesome and good about basic birthday cake right ? Like you think just for a second your sitting with a plastic table cloth in front of you and a tight rubber band under your chin. And that icing on your face is completely socially acceptable, and that if you feel like it, yes please, you'll take that scoop of Breyers' vanilla-chocolate-strawberry as well. Maybe we're following this course (where our chins are inches from our plates) with a good session of musical chairs, or maybe we're opening presents.

I love trying fancy desserts, but yellow cake with chocolate frosting is hard to beat. Would you believe that when people let me bake for their birthdays I sometimes feel guilty because I feel like they're doing me a favor ? An, "oye, Lizzy is asking if she can bake again...I guess we have no choice." But I do love it. So until someone mans up and admits this, baked goods comin up !

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