The Most Perfect Cake. Ever.

I spotted this one on party perfect. But then, like with most things these days, had to go on a hunt to find the source. A game of tab-opening whisper down the lane if you will. I hopped from PP, to Poppytalk, to Make Something, which is really the original source of party pics... but pushed on through to Forty-Sixth at Grace. The cake-maker. No surprise that my goose chase left me with the creator of Herriott Grace. I am in love with her and her father's products, and adore her blog + their story.

But really I digress. Cause all I wanted to say was that this cake gives me creativity + cake + baking envy. And I mean that in a painstaking way. Maybe my love of confections has me alone here, but I think its so pretty I want to hang a picture of it on my wall, and I want to bake 12 of them right now to leave with every friend who has a doorman in the city. Am I nuts ?

And obviously there is more than one cake here by Nikole. But once I started pulling pictures I couldn't stop. They are just all so lovely (can you think of a better word than lovely to describe them ?). I cut myself off at 6, or I'd be here all day. Oye.

Image 1, 4, 5, + 6 :: Poppy Talk, Images 2 + 3 :: Forty-Sixth @ Grace


  1. my 20 and 1/6 birthday is coming up if you need an excuse!