Peony + China

Sometimes I despise girly and sometimes I love it. Right now I'm in a love fest with all the pink that is out ( its been a long time since we've seen pink as a trend -- do you remember how nauseating it got by the end of the last round ? I believe I was in College ). It feels fresh and flirty for the first time in a while. Lately a nice china blue and peonyalmostpurple pink has been catching my eye. Some of the combinations are very purposeful, and some are totally found. Here are a few recent viewings.

[ Images one + two were in a friend's guest bathroom during a baby shower. Is that weird that I took my phone out to photograph her sink ? Three is my beet juice and my vitamin water zero (tastes like gummy bears !) against my dish towel, and four is a rack in the 5th Avenue J Crew ]

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