Simple Sunday Recipe.

When I checked weather.com on Friday, they told me it was 103 degrees in NYC and felt like 110. 
After feeling very sorry for myself about the whole thing, I looked at a map of the country and realized that pretty much everywhere except California, Oregon and Washington it's a boiling room.  Somehow the idea that we're all in the same boat, gives me slight comfort!
So today I am giving you a simple Sunday evening recipe that I think you'll love as much as I do!
 Raw corn & avocado soup

My favorite things about this recipe:
1.  There are only 3 ingredients!
2.  It's raw, which means no going NEAR that stove!
3.  It's super refreshing & flavorful but still super healthy

Here's what you'll need to make 2 bowls of this cool, creamy deliciousness:

-2 ears of fresh corn
-1 avocado
-chicken stock (or water) to your desired consistency
(oh and you'll want salt & pepper too.... but they don't count as "ingredients" right?)


Husk your fresh ears of corn

and cut them off the cob. 
I like to do this by standing the ear of corn up in a bowl and cutting down on the cob with a sharp knife.  That way the kernels don't fly all over your cutting board!

Next, simply slice open your avocado and remove the pit
Easy enough so far, right? 
 Next, just toss the avocado into a blender with your corn kernels and pour a little liquid (chicken stock or water, depending on your preference) in and give it a whiz!  Some people like their soups more....soupy than others, so add liquid to your desired thickness.

And you're done!  Can you believe it?  I'd recommend chilling it for a half hour or so to get it cool....so when it hits the spoon it's both delicious and refreshing.

Some fun add in's I've thought of since last making it (if you want to jazz it up) could be:
-lime juice
-a drizzle of sesame or chili oil
-fresh salsa on top

You could even make a corn and avocado guacamole and top it with that!  

The possibilities are endless.  I made this for dinner the other night with a tomato, red onion and pineapple quinoa salad.

It was delicious.

I hope you guys consider this 3 ingredient wonder for your Sunday evening!  
And stay cool, wherever you are.  
Heat waves are a great excuse for blender dinners :)

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