Okay, her name is actually Olivia Joy Deleon, but I still feel the post is appropriately named because this little one brings me so much joy.
Olivia is the daughter of my dear friends Shannon and George. I first became friends with them a few years ago, when I was roommates with Shannon and she was dating George at the time. They have been great friends to me, and now they're my neighbors since they moved to Harlem a couple years ago.

this is a newly pregnant (again! yay!) Shannon
Shannon and George used to be just great relationship role models for me, because they are so in love and treat each other with such respect and kindness, but now they're also becoming amazing parent-role models as well, because they are so easy with Olivia, and it shows in her independent, joyful spirit.
this is George
Even though I am miles away from being where they are in life, it's just so lovely to see such a fun, accepting, laid-back, flexible, adaptable, adorable family. Going over to their apartment brings an instant smile to my face.
So last night when I offered to babysit Olivia while George and Shannon went out for a date, Shannon finally took me up on my offer! Maybe it's because she's due with baby #2 in September, so the timing was good.
While George and Shannon tried out Harlem Tavern which recently opened, Olivia and I played the night away!
We blew bubbles on their roof deck!

and we drew with chalk too!

Spending time with a two year old is helpful in remembering that sometimes the simplest things are the most fun. Hope you all have joyful Saturdays!

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