I Heart Details Week :: Glaceau.

I heart the detail of the new complementary colors Vitamin Water Zero has chosen for their labels. I literally bought this drink because of it. The particular blue is so perfect with the particular orange I had to have it, even if the orange is soon to be in my belly. Same thing goes for their new Strawberry flavor with the awesome turquoise label. This being a beverage I weened myself off of many months ago...a few good colors, and bam, I'm buying again. If that's not good marketing, I dont know what is.

As a side note there are NO pictures online of these latest flavors. That is a detail Vitamin Water might want to work a little harder at.


  1. i thought they announced their new flavors on their facebook page? saw photos there

  2. huh, really ?? I looked there and couldnt find new images ! Maybe it was bad searching on my part ...