I Heart Details Week.

I love thoughtful + well designed products. It usually isn't in looking at a whole that we see this, it's looking at some tiny piece. For example you wouldn't know a duvet cover was well made or thought out until you saw the stitching or closure. Dresses and skirts seem so much smarter these days because they have pockets. Funny quotes on tags make us like companies more. Etc etc etc...

I'm like a giddy school girl when I notice a detail that I'm impressed by. I love picturing a creative team deciding on it after a group pow wow, or one designer having a light bulb moments. I thought this week I'd share some. Do you notice great details too ? Or am I a little cray cray ?
For example :: I bought this Patagonia off of their web specials after my NOLS. A similar jacket was my happy place on the trip, and I knew wearing one around the city would make me feel warm and safe. When I got it though I was most excited about the matching baby stuff sack it came with. How cutie is that ? And I've already used it traveling. I would never doubt Patagonia to be spot on with details (all of their pockets are so very useful), but this was just one more that got me.

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  1. I have a friend who has this coat and he bikes all over the city in the freezing cold in it and said it's amazing... plus the carry pouch is huge for traveling. Love that.