Girl Crush :: Vanessa Paradis

Speaking of style, I recently saw a pretty mediocre-to-bad french romantic comedy called "The Heartbreaker" (sorry dad, I know you liked it). It was mildly entertaining, but the real takeaways were from the female lead -- Vanessa Paradis -- better known as Johnny Depp's wife (or luckiest girl in the world). She is drop dead gorge, soooo french, and reminded me of a few good lessons. 1. If you can wear your hair in pretty hippie styles like in photo 1, do. 2. Quirks like a gap between your teeth work if you rock it with confidence (see also Lauren Hutton), and 3. If you call pull off deep deep red lipstick, you are one lucky girl.


  1. I meaann I'm obsessed with her!!
    Love your blog!!



  2. Thanks Taylor !! For some reason Im just seeing this comment. Isn't she amazing ??