It's funny to think what a fascination we have with all things mini, right ? A professor of mine pointed that out this summer, and it was the first time I consciously acknowledged it, even though it's something I think we all know. Would I ever have stopped on a walk through the farmer's market to photograph big chili peppers with my phone ? I don't think so. But how great are these guys ?

Yesterday I met the greatest miniature thing I have in a long time -- only of my best friends in the world had a baby boy -- Griffin Coulson Libre. I got to hold his tiny body that had only been in this world for 22 hours. Not even a day. I can promise you this fascination will last way beyond mini stage--in fact a lifetime--but I still couldn't get over how tiny he is right now. I remember learning in a psych class that babies are cute by design -- to make sure their mamas love them as much as they need. That's not the technical version, but I always think about that. Welcome to the world Griffin, we're so happy to have you.

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