Beth Lauren

So I might get in trouble for doing this. Because I didn't ask if it was okay to steal a picture off of Facebook and sing her praises. But like with everything else on here, I like to share my sources. I'm sure you're all familiar with Beth Lauren jewelry because I've mentioned it many a time. I just adore this jewelry line, and it happens to be made by my old roommate Beth. Beth and I were introduced through mutual friends and she happened to be looking to move to New York when I happened to be looking for a roommate. We lived well together on many levels and I often miss our morning recaps of the night before, critiques of the red carpet, or getting the latest Hollywood gossip before it even hit newsstands (Beth knows her way around a celebrity blog).

But what I still absolutely turn to Beth for, besides new jewels and life updates, is fashion advice. Beth is an artist first, who has impeccable creative taste, stays 110% on top of trends + runways, and knows how to hunt for a bargain. She was always recreating the newest runway trend out of Zara pieces to go grocery shopping (which actually is necessary in the West Village). So I miss her here in NYC, but whenever I'm frustrated shopping for something or am in the midst of a fashion emerge, you can bet a text is sent her way. And I am someone who is very confident in my own taste, and I still seek out her advice (sorta like shrinks who see shrinks ? Remember In Treatment ?).

So where am I going with this ? Bethie finally started a blog ! You can see what she's loving most and tidbits of advice at Stylebursts. I have been loving this new source, and have even made posting requests (if you look at the dress suggestions, I just bought the Joie dress online, we will see if it works when it gets here !). This weekend she helped me in a fashion emerge when I needed a black tie dress for the following night, and then Saturday a friend texted me panicked that she couldn't find a dress for an upcoming wedding. I sent her over to Stylebursts. I hope its useful for you too, and definitely ask her questions !

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