SUP or Stand up paddle (not to be confused with a greeting or What's up?) is how I spent my night on the Hudson last night. It was such a gorgeous night, and with the sun setting across the river, it sort of did look like this (insert Jersey buildings), although sadly Teacake was not present on the board with me. New York is such a furnace this month and it felt so good to be out on the water. Yes, I went into the Hudson 4 times to Julie's and Mark's (our instructor) zero, but I was sneaky happy for the relief. I was LOVING this meditative place. As Mark, our surfer bra guide (who was excellent) said, it's as if we were little birds cruising out in the sky, nowhere near Manhattan. It felt like an activity I could go out and do for hours with a friend to catch up with, or all alone. I think this is more my speed than surfing, sort of like cross country skiing is more my speed than downhill. I wish I could claim to love the two more adventurous, but unless I get better at them in my old age, I think this is where you'll find me.

If you haven't tried yet, I highly recommend you get out there before the weather turns (even if it feels like that day will never come). Jules and I went through New York Kayak Company, and once I find a less expensive way to be out there, it'll be a routine activity.

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