Summer Declutter

There are certain overflows I am always battling against in my apartment. My sock drawer for instance will never be deep enough. Even when I take out my winter tights and wool socks. Even when I make neat rows and fold my sports bras perfectly flat. Magazines is another struggle. I usually have 3 types of piles. A pile of magazine that haven't been read, a pile of tear outs I'm not quite sure what to do with, and a pile I love too much to toss. And by pile I love too much I mean piles. And stacks. And boxes in my storage unit. Am I a hoarder ? If I am, Im a Martha Stewart + Gourmet hoarder. I've been saving my MSL since college I believe. Ridiculous, right ? Lately I've been trying to convince myself to toss them. Dust collectors, not collectors edition. I know it's silly, but for some reason it's so hard for me. Yesterday, over lunch, Liz confirmed that they need to go. However, The Sartorialist confirmed my fears. I know once I rip the Bandaid off I won't miss them, but right now I feel like Im taking my favorite creative effort and kicking it to the curb. Im not fully there quite yet, but I'm trying.

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