Sad Day.

Ugh. Sad day for the Phils. Makes me angry walking around with all these Yankee fans bellowing out "Start Spreading the News." Shhh. You are not Frank Sinatra, nor do you sound like him. And don't tell me to be a good sport. My father always says, "Good losers make a habit of it." And because of that pearl of wisdom I have maybe the most competitive family out there. Sometimes to an unhealthy degree. Anyone who has played a good ole game of Hearts with us knows what I mean ;). AND, now I owe my doormen Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. One was even so smug this morning he offered to buy the milk. I told him thanks but no thanks (and let's be honest--you and I both know baking isnt really a punishment for me). Anyway - it reminded me it is time to start collecting Thanksgiving recipes--less than a month away! Here is what I have so far...

Turkey Cake Pops (as Ive mentioned so very many times, and I should note, Bakerella herself commented on my pumpkin pop post!)!

And mini chocolate pumpkin whoopie pies courtesy of Martha. Whoopie pies are a serious favorite past time from my formative years at Camp Matoaka. I don't know why I've never thought to make them, but I feel as though I've seen them everywhere lately. Such a nostalgic reminder of two of my great loves in life: summer camp, and the great state of Maine. Now I think I need a pie perchance??


  1. I referenced your blog in my blog today! I hope you don't mind, but I had to give Puddin-Pie some love. Have a great weekend!