l'm so thankful for early light these days. Maybe a bit annoying to wake up before my alarm, but better than waking up begrudgingly. Of course I'm sad to see it go so quickly in the afternoon, but there is something about bundling up and heading home on the dark streets with such a nip in the air before your night has even begun, that makes me happy. I love people's dinners wafting through the cold air and cutting it with warmth and the smell of burning leaves somewhere in the distance--all such reminders of the holiday season to come and the love of family gatherings, Christmas Carols, and first snows. When I am home, I'm very fortunate to have many sunsets like these fill a whole wall of my apartment. I snap pictures all the time knowing I'll probably never do anything with them. They just feel like they should be suspended somewhere, and I know my little digital window is the only thing that will hold their color as it slips behind the Hudson and waits to return the next day.

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  1. I don't remember what it was from-- maybe Bates or Florence... not sure-- but that picture reminds me of a painting of a sunset Liz did.. remember which one? It was beautiful and I think just a strokey progression of color like that pic. Love it.