Watermelon Sneakers

I met this man at the market yesterday. He started talking to me, as people often do, because of Teacake (my Black Lab). He commented how well behaved he was and went on to say Teacake would love his Bengal Cat. From there the floodgates opened, as they so often do with New Yorkers, and we talked for a bit. Among other things he told me to check out a beautiful court room on 25th Street since I live near it. I plan to, and he told me if I wanted to let him know what I thought about it I could find him by googling "watermelon sneakers." I asked why those two words and he pulled up his pant leg. I'd go into more of what he said, but the article and this picture I found say it all (thanks New York Times). This speaks to a major major reason I love NYC: meeting and talking to new interesting characters from every corner of the world (not Bill Sommer though, he made it abundantly clear during our talk that he was a native Manhattanite and would never ever leave). And the fact that everyone is not just interesting--they're interested. Bill was sporting the sneaks yesterday. Now I'm dying to know why it was one of the lucky 13...

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