Tuesday Tea Parties!

Yesterday in my floral class (yes, flowers have been on the brain because of this, sorry if it's an overkill on the posts) we were taught a simply wrapping method. It uses sturdy waxy leaves and raffia to cover the "mechanics" of a glass vase, or just to hide a cheap vase for that matter. Oasis showing (spongy material florists use)? Coffee can holding your flowers? No Problem. A little extra greenery and you are Miss Fancy-Pants. My teacher pointed out that obviously you could uses any number of materials for the covering. Even less limber objects can be used... like what you see above! Veggies are the perfect covering for little vases. I set out to buy Asparagus as a test run to share with you. But once I was there in the middle of the produce aisle of the market I was overwhelmed with options. Carrots? Snap peas? Celery? Rhubarb?? Endless! And all very tempting. My greedy little fingers couldn't stop at Asparagus, but I cut myself off at five. As you see above my overflowing arms headed for the checkout with Scallions, Green Beans, Snap Peas, Collards Greens and Asparagus ;).
Such a beautiful thing that any container can be used right?? Sure I had to empty our some Caperberries and pickles to prove this point but c'est la vie. I realize this isnt the most ideal time of year for this post... Should probably be done in April or May (feels pretty springy), but I couldn't wait a whole 6 months.
So I took my fragile little collard greens and gently wrapped (having cut off the stems), and held them by a rubberband. once my two layers (tall vase!) were in place with two rubber bands I tied ribbon on top and removed the bands. Just like the collard greens can be replaced with crayons or spaghetti (uncooked of course), the ribbon could be twine, raffia, or pipe cleaners. Truth be told I think I would have rather seen twine here -- little less cutesy, but for the demo I didnt feel the need to comb the city or spend the money.
With some of the sturdier items (like the scallion above), I popped the rubber band on first and worked them all under. and with the crooked finicky green beans (so very pretty!),
I was careful to turn the curve in towards the glass in order to see between them less.

And Voila! Im totally picturing these on a spring luncheon or shower table. If you kept more towards the collard greens and autumnal colored flowers they would work beautifully for the holiday season as well. Or twigs and red white and greens coming out -- perfect Christmas! The options are endless. Of course its important to remember these wont keep long. They are not idea for a home display... I think a day or two in the fridge before party-time is about all they're going to last. But I love how sweet and simple they are, and for pennies... Im imagining Martha's Spring Garden Cake on this table, and perhaps some tea sandwiches. Ive been dying to make this cake btw, with all the little marzipan veggies. Maybe this blog is the perfect excuse... Any who - Start planning your next wedding shower/tea party/garden party!

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