Mourning the Loss.

November and December food magazines are my favorite of the year. They're like getting September fashion mags in the mail. Chock full of cutting edge desserts, rich meals, menus, fun cocktails--all in the spirit of family and love and warmth during the chilly months. From new Thanksgiving pies I dog ear to try, to the excitement of the photographed gathering--everyone dressed up and happy as can be. You can practically feel the warmth from the fireplaces and open ovens photographed. Truth be told Ive never made a turkey, but Ive probably devoured 30 different methods using lemon, sausage, stuffed, not-stuffed. I have poured over roasting pans, thermometers, deep fryers and the perfect red wine pairings.

Yesterday I received the November Gourmet in mail. Ugh. I've still been mourning the loss of Domino Mag for months now, and last week Conde Nast tosses Gourmet out the window too. Getting it in the mail was like rubbing salt in the wound. I know, I know, they don't want to do these things but I have to direct my anger somewhere right? I just don't understand how two of the most tasteful design oriented magazines could need to close their doors. Gourmet I love for lots of reasons. I love reading food magazines period. Why? I don't really know. Yes, I like cooking, but the truth is I never really make the recipes I read about. I just read how to and day dream about doing it. Gourmet caught my eye a few years back when I randomly purchased one and I've been hooked since. They're photographers, food stylists, and graphic designers deserve awards for their beautiful shots, artistic food and beautiful party/gathering shoots, and choices of color and layout. And I do not say things like this lightly. I take good taste very seriously. So it's with a heavy heart I'll read this months offerings for one of my favorite Holidays of the year. If you haven't gotten it, or don't -- maybe pick yourself up a copy to see what I mean before it's gone.

PS. The top photo is taken from Gourmet's
website and is a recipe for Pumpkin stuffed with vegetable stew. Yum. Might have to try this one. Also -- my text is in Teal today as a special tribute. It is one of my favorite colors, and someone over at Gourmet's too! They used it often. It is so rich, I love it.

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