Only in New York Kids...

For those of you who used to read my blog you know that I have a lot of I love New York moments and like to share. They're just so unique to New York. And for those of you who are not daily New York Post readers, you might not know that Cindy Adams (a gossip columnist) always does a little paragraph at the end titled "Only in New York kids" with funny New York specific scenarios that either she witnesses or a reader writes in. Well, my rendition today occurred yesterday. I popped into a magazine store on 23rd Street to buy myself a soda. I'm standing in line behind a Model (about 6 feet tall, Eastern European looking) who's buying a few things. The guy behind the counter grabs a blue plastic bag to stick everything in. As he shook it open she said "wait! Can I have an I heart NY Bag instead?!?" Sort of snickering he grabs the other bag. And she says, "I mean, it didn't match my outfit."

And on a similar note, NYmag does a section every week with a map of the five boroughs and little News(ish) facts. As long as we're on a NY roll I figured I'd throw in the one that made me laugh out loud. Which is : "Stapeleton, Staten Island--A Criminal Court Judge was disciplined for inappropriate Facebooking after lawyers he tried to add as 'friends' complained that they felt pressured to accept." LOVE the personality in this city.

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