Kinfolk - Volume 4

I have been in love with Kinfolk magazine since its inception. In fact, before I'd ever heard of it I daydreamed of a beautiful entertaining magazine that felt more authentic to gatherings, craft, and beauty than anything you can find on the newsstands. Come to think of it I'm pretty sure I wrote about it when it first came out.

Anyway - Last winter Karen and I were fortunate enough to write / style / shoot (I wrote / we styled / she shot) a piece for them. Truth be told it was for their summer issue and we shot it in the dead of winter. In fact, I took at cab before sunrise to brooklyn in December so we could catch the first morning light, and I ever stripped down to a t-shirt for a shot.

It is a tiny little story but I am so honored to be including among so many super talented creative people. I dream of a life where I can do such a thing on a regular basis. For now, Ill ride this high for a while. Kinfolk can be purchased here.

Image courtesy of Karen Mordechai + Sunday Suppers.

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