The Bay.

Around when I graduated from college, my parents moved to the Chesapeake Bay to a small town called St Michaels, Maryland. They've lived there ever since and couldn't love it more.
When I first came down to visit, I couldn't help but feel stir-crazy, confused about what to do, and just in shock from the slow pace of the little town. However, in more recent visits, I've come to embrace the small community and the beautiful nature that abounds there. I love to take Sadie on long walks by the water and through the woods.
They have the most beautiful farmers market every Saturday at Muskrat Park. It's right on the water and it has such a lovely hum of neighbors checking in. People are buying croissants and fruit to go home and enjoy with their families or eat outside as they watch the boats pass by. It's a pretty special way to spend a Saturday morning.
Lizzy and Teacake will be making the trip down with me next weekend and I'm so excited to be able to spend time with my family and oldest, dearest friend in a peaceful place where we can just BE. :)

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