Breakfast By Yellow.

Sometimes the seasons tells us exactly what we should be eating to feel good. By now you all know I love breakfast, and yesterday morning, I couldn't help but notice that my breakfast had a very orange-yellow theme. I figured I would share the beauty of this fresh, color-themed produce with you all!
I had a handful of mixed red and yellow cherries. I couldn't choose just one at the store, but it turned out the yellows were sweeter!
I also had a juicy apricot. These guys are like candy in the summer, and such a pretty color. I want a dress this shade.
Then the most complicated part of this easy-peasy breakfast was a slice of Whole Foods' 12 grain bread, topped with a slathering of Trader Joes' edamame hummus, sliced yellow grape tomatoes and finely shredded mint.
No cooking required, but such a bundle of great flavors! It was hard to eat just one slice....

I hope you're going out to your local farmers' market and finding the adventures they offer at this time of year. Colorful produce makes for not only a delicious meal, but one that's also healthy and as beautiful as a piece of art! Go yellow! :)

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