Take me away...to Rockaway!

It was a while ago when Lizzy posted photos of a place called Rockaway Taco in a post here on Puddin' Pie. She captured me with the images and then I watched a clip of the film about this place, and ever since then I have had it in my mind that I must go to Far Rockaway and visit this place!
It was so hard for me to really believe that there was a place on the end of the A train that really existed where people surf, eat tacos and have bee hives on their roofs. So yesterday Alana and I adventured out on the subway to seek what was out there at the very end of the line, 2 hours away. I knew it was good when this was the view out the subway window when we got close:
Seeing water is never a bad sign.
However, when we got there, we truly felt transported. The beach was nearly empty and yes! People really do surf there! It is a super mellow beach where you really can't imagine the rush and bustle of midtown being accessible by public transportation. We relaxed, took a dip in the water and really took in the beauty of where we were!
After a day of sunshine, we were dehydrated and of course HAD to check out rockaway taco, so we headed a few blocks over to see what it was all about. The first thing I noticed and fell in love with was the vegetables and fruits they were growing on the roof! Amazing.... and they use their own veggies in their tacos and their own fruits in the juices they blend.
Anyone who knows me well already knows that I have a strange love affair with growing plants and veggies, so this warmed my heart. Alana and I were too stuffed from our beach picnic to squeeze in a taco (I realize this makes no sense and trust me, I was dissapointed in myself)... but we did get a carrot-apple-ginger juice, squeezed fresh over a cup of ice and the perfect end to a beautiful day. I highly recommend a day trip to Rockaway if you can manage it. It's our new favorite place, and we already have plans to go back this week! And I can promise you, I'll be going hungry next time :)

3 photos above courtesty of http://chalk-jenny.blogspot.com/2010/10/shop-love-rockaway-tacos.html

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