Something To Make You Laugh.

Back in the days of high school it was hard to find peers who had a similarly sick sense of humor to myself. However, one of the few things that helped me find "the ones" was the Jerry Seinfeld stand up C.D. (this was of course, back when people listened to C.D.'s). I have distinct memories of Allison, Lizzy, Stephanie and I listening to it, the whole way through, never tiring of it....we would roar with laughter in the car or repeat the lines out loud to each other at all times, one of our favorites being the airport skit... "I turned it on on fullll blassssst"

Since then, that whole series of skits still remains hysterically funny to me, and I can still recite chunks of the C.D. verbatim.
However, I have also become more discerning with my taste in stand-up comedy. I compare everybody to Jerry, and quite frankly--few compare.
However, recently Noah introduced me to this guy Louis C.K., insisting that even my dry, cruel sense of humor could find joy in his jokes. Of course, I was immediately skeptical, but I gave him a chance. After watching him a few times, this strange red-headed bearded man had me hooked. I laughed like I haven't in a while... maybe since the days of listening to Jerry Seinfeld in the car with my girls.
Below is a clip of one of his shows. Hopefully you'll all excuse the slightly crude language... it's so funny I think you'll forgive me & chuckle your way through your Tuesdays!

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