My Apologies.

I said to excuse me for a week, and I've been gone two. Turns out a weekend here doesn't mean play time, it means work time. I am one hundred percent consumed by my studio, and it leaves very little time for much else. On the days I get home in time to get a reasonable nights sleep, this feels much more tolerable than the days I get home near dawn.

This is part of what I look out onto all day, every day. Not a very exciting sight, but when the light is just right, I do like it a lot. Like here for instance. Lucky me gets to see every stage of light cast here, so I know what's the most intriguing .

My first two weeks were spent analyzing the qualities of trash we picked up around Providence and then drafting it (here we have a plan section of decaying wood, a cardboard insert for boxes of apples with the bubble shape that cradles them, grapes + stems, a cement brick, a mushroom container, and a decaying Sam Adams six pack holder).

The second week I also spent time thinking about how grape stems could bifurcate and grow if I were making rules and systems... And then I drew a huge drawing of how this would grow to create a large porous, small porous, large delineated, and small delineated space with a set of rule diagrams to explain.

The third week we researched 6 buildings of historical precedent, drew their plans and sections, explored diagrams that could explain their layouts, and ordering systems, and made " parti models" of an important ordering system. It had been a while since I'd seen a librarian stamp the back of a book :). These buildings were awesome.
And this week we've been measuring and drafting a building here in Providence in Groups. There is a lot of thought about the softness of your lead and what a line weight conveys on a drawing, and a quarter of an inch here, 3/8ths of an inch there.

Lots of exacto blades for lots of cutting.

And lots of analysis on what is going on in this building. What was originally built, what was changed, what is structural, what is weight bearing, what materials are used, what systems are in place, and what, looking at all of this, is of any interest to any of us.

Because of my rudeness, and the fact that I don't want to lose my precious few readers, Miss Jennifer Mills Platow will be taking over for the next two weeks. She is an artist of words, and an English teacher on the Lower East Side of New York City. She is my first guest blogger, and this is her first blogging experience. I know I'm excited to read what she has to say, and I will be back in August ;). xo

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  1. Great pictures! Exciting stuff is happening. :) Enjoy.