Confessions Of A First-Time Blogger

Hi, I'm Jenny!
Hello! And thanks to Lizzy for welcoming me as her guest blogger for the next couple of weeks, and thanks to you readers for welcoming me in my meager attempt to fill Lizzy's blogging shoes while she takes care of other important business.

So I thought I'd use my first blog to introduce myself and why I'm here.
Well, Lizzy gave a lovely introduction in her last post, but I wanted to just fill you in with the real deal. Lizzy and I have been friends for over 15 years now, and we have experienced many wonderful adventures together in our time as friends. Just a few of the things Lizzy and I have experienced ensemble include:

Running the NYC Marathon together

Dancing the night away at various weddings

Dominating pool party games with group huddles

Hosting fabulous dinner parties (that sometimes turn rowdy)

Inventing our own bar crawls on hot summer nights

And buying sibling puppies. You all know Teacake by now, but this is his sister, Sadie!

Now that my sweet Lizzy has moved miles away from me and I don't get to see her as much, checking her blog has become a really important part of my daily routine. Her posts bring me a sense of contentedness, make me think about things in new ways and often make me smile. Most importantly, they are a precious chance to "hear" her voice every day, even when I am in Harlem and she is in Providence. She has such an innovative and creative way of seeing the world, it is refreshing and constantly gives me new websites to check out, pictures to stare at, videos to marvel over and words to scratch down in my journal. So when I noticed her posting was....ahem... slacking a little, I wrote her and begged her to keep up with her posts because they are such a bright part of my day!
So you guessed it, here we are! We came to the compromise that I (being a public school teacher on summer break) would take over for a couple weeks until her school work feels more under control.
I will be letting you guys into little glimpses of my life, what makes me happy, what keeps me busy and what interests me. Most of you are still working hard through the summer and get so little time to yourselves, so I'll try to brighten YOUR days a little, the way Lizzy does for me. So wish me luck & enjoy! More tomorrow :)
xo Jenny


  1. Welcome, Jenny! Way to help your buddy out. I totally understand the wacky time consuming capabilities of school. I look forward to your posts!

  2. We are in for a treat if the REAL Jenny blogs here..the one who after training for months and torturing herself to finish the New York Marathon said it was the dumbest thing she ever did : )You know....I'm talking about the Saturday Night Live Jenny..Good Luck

  3. I love this! I check PP every day and notice the "ahem...slacking" as well. Can't wait for a summer full of your guest blogging, Jenny!