Aren't these images that Katy Elliott posted the other day of our recent east coast storm (pictured in Boston's North Shore here), beautiful ? I (and maybe everyone) just adore the look of freshly fallen snow and the quiet and peace it brings. It's especially a treat to see it on the coast, I'm used to looking at landlocked snow.

So I'm sure you're thinking, some job Ive done in the first, oh, sixteen days of the year in keeping up with one of my New Year resolutions, to write more. Yes, you're correct. I've only written once (Once !) this year. And the confession is I haven't even been writing for myself. Oy. In my defense I've been moving, and therefore not sitting, much this past week. As of tomorrow that will be complete (am I really making excuses already ?), and for better or worse I'll be able to sit again. To write.

More on the move tomorrow--back to the resolutions. So I look at this gorgeous snow, and I'm content. I like it. In pictures. From my big cozy couch (made from recycled army tents thank you very much), feet propped on the chicken-wire glass coffee table with hairpin legs, wrapped in a snuggly grey wool sweater, Bon Iver playing on my Itunes.

That's where I like to look at snow.

I mean this isn't entirely true. I like playing in the snow. I like bundling up and venturing out to roll three big balls, stacked with a corn cob pipe, a carrot nose. I like swishing angels in the ground with my sweeping limbs, and I like sitting on big red plastic saucers and sailing down hills. But see, here in New York, we don't do those things so much. We trudge, we dodge cab spray, we wait for delayed subways, and when we're lucky, we put on our Sorrel's and enjoy the kid like freedom of stomping anywhere we please.

But you're getting the idea that the cold temperatures of January and February, and March. With no holiday cheer to warm them, and short days, aren't my most favorite thing in the world. And why am I saying this so politely ? Well I decided as a New Years resolution, in this 2011, to not complain about my not most favorite thing, the cold. And so, for the past 17 days I've wandered around, on 30 degree days, often extremely windy, and I have smiled. Or at least pierced my lips shut so tightly that it might almost look like a smile. And honest ? I think I've minded it a little bit less.

But I didn't stop there, oh no, that would be way to easy (and smart). I combined this resolution with the one I talked about a bit back. A want for physical challenges. And I did something I still can't explain, and I can barely say. I took my dislike of the cold + my fear of moving fast downhill + being the weakest link and I signed up for a 2 week NOLS course back country Skiing in the Teton Valley. An activity I know nothing about, challenging without the fear element. And then I threw in Sub 30 temps...day and night. Why you ask ? I'm asking too.

Here is one last winter wonderland shot to start your week -- one my mama took cross country skiing in upstate New York this weekend. Also lovely !

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