I'm not a huge cheese eater, but I always serve it at parties because people go bonkers for it, it's easy, and I loved a beautifully arranged cheese plate. I saw these cheese balls on Martha's app list + knew I wanted to try. I loved having a new shape, new color, and new vehicles for shoveling the cheese in your mouth. Each has the same cream cheese base + then a different cheese + flavor element added PLUS a coating. So fun ;). For example, the red is cheddar + chutney with dried cranberries on the outside. I've already promised my sister them at Christmas. The best part ? They can be made ahead of time !


  1. Oh...you've GOT to have cheese. I love a smoked Gruyere. :)

  2. I think I ate about half of that cheddar and cranberry one. It was delicious! Miss you xo!