Holiday Stringing.

Have you started decorating for Christmas ? I assume so. I almost didn't do it, at all. Sshhh. Don't tell anyone--but I'm moving, and won't be in the city for either holiday anyhow. But I hosted a party, so alas, how could I not ? I hadnt strung popcorn or cranberries, probably since I was six years old, no foolin. In early early childhood we wrapped our big beautiful trees in popcorn. I remember it being so very hard not to crush the popped kernels. I remember contcentrating so very hard not to prick my fingers with the sewing needle, and what a daunting task tying thread in a knot was. I remember a humongous bowl of fragrant popcorn, practically my size, sitting next to me as I worked, Sesame Street Christmas carols filling the room as the record spun under the needle.

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