Im Dreaming

Of a white Thanksgiving. And no I'm not confusing it with Christmas. Do you guys know Sweet Paul yet ? If not, get in there -- he is awesome ! I haven't had a chance to read his holiday issue yet, and I am dying. I wanted buy some white pumpkins, gourds and squashes to try this myself, but it hasn't happened yet, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I wanted to share this before your table is settled on.

Sweet Paul chose these white pumpkins for a white halloween, but this can be a gorgeous Thanksgiving table too. Painted white veggies in white and glass pottery ? White linens ? Love. Just tell your crazy family to be careful with their red wine. And have your bleach ready.

PS. Someone shared Sweet Paul with me just a few months ago -- but did you notice we have similar tag lines ? I think we'd get along ;).

[Image courtesy of SP]

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