That Time Again.

This weekend is the bajillionth annual Race at Far Hills. This is my too-many-yearth in a row, and as usual I'm preparing. When Shannon and I first went many moons ago we purchased Hunter Boots. And not to sound snooty... but we bought them when you couldn't find them anywhere. In fact, we ordered them from across the pond. They were the most valuable thing on my body that year (mud waist deep) and ever since. And then last year, gasp, someone stole my muddy boots from my front door ! Can you believe it ?? I couldn't.

Anyway, I've spent a year getting my feet wet. Literally. But I'm over Hunter Boots. Is that snooty to say ? I hate that every last girl has them on the second there is a rain drop. And I hate that they changed the base of them to have more of a heel, craziness on the sole, and a turned uo elf toe. I have hemmed and hawed for a year. A year. And I finally, just in the nick of time, decided on these guys. Aren't they pretty ? They have a simple sole, and some interest with the orange. And the dressage shape takes me back to my riding days, even though they are not riding boots. They are rain boots. At the moment is says 66 and sunny for Saturday--but Im excited to add these into my grey day rotation anyway.

Should I be concerned for myself that it took a year to be satisfied with a rain boot ? Oh, and I haven't tried these on yet. So I'm probably jinxing myself right now ...

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