Ring Lust.

As long as we're on fashion + wants this week here are some rings I'm majorly jonesing for. I can't seem to get enough of this double ring deal, and I can't tell you why (a few cool points if I were wearing one ? Maybe ?). I've always been one for costume over fine -- so much more personality + so much more of a statement. Most of these are reasonably priced, except for #3 :: the circle black ring I saw at the Ginette Store recently on West 4th. The shop girl basically had to wipe my drool off the glass case after I spotted it (and I had to tear myself away after she told me it was $550.00. But it looks like a lifetime piece, don't you think ?).

#1. LAS Longhord Skull Ring - $125.00
#2. Erica Anenberg Pave Double Finger Ring - $140.00
#3. Ginette NY - $550.00
#4. Skova Gold Serpent Ring - $260.00

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