Rainy Monday

This rainy day isn't actually today. I believe I took this last fall--snapped it out my cab window on my way to Brooklyn, loaded up with all sort of things for a Sunday Suppers. A friend had sent me a phone picture of a gorgeous snow fall in Boston, and I was showing him what we were stuck with in New York. I don't know why I like it so much, but for whatever reason it has never been erased. It just feels so accurate for New York City on a dark and rainy morning.

This morning as I rushed out my front door to go to they gym a neighbor asked me flabergasted if I was going for a run. I told him no, to the gym, and showed him my umbrella, and he exclaimed that he was not happy about the rain, and it was still an aggressive move for me. I laughed, popped open my umbrella and scampered off. Thinking as I walked, would I alter my whole routine for a drizzle ??

It reminded me of my UPS man at my old apartment. He was the nicest man ever, and I always looked forward to his drop offs. Sure, his accent was so thick I couldn't understand half of what he said to me, and he couldn't tell Beth and I apart even though we couldn't look more different, but he always had the biggest smile on his face and loud words of friendly encouragement. One day I apologized for how hard it was raining, picturing how much the weather altered how his day went. He smiled at me, and in his thick unidentified African accent said, "That's okay ! If it weren't for the rain, where would we get the beautiful flowers ?!"

I think of him almost every time it rains if you can believe that. Now can someone just remind me of this good attitude mid January when Im shaking in my boots ?


  1. Oh I miss our UPS man! Seriously, nicest guy ever. I love that you remember him saying that. Trying to remember his name but its not coming to me....

  2. ha, I dont think I ever understood it :). But he was the best !!

  3. LOVE this picture.

    And I love that you remember your UPS guy on rainy days! I love my UPS guy, too. We should tell UPS how great their NYC & Brooklyn drivers are!