Pristine Plates

When I was younger I thought bright colors and fun patterns so much fun for plates. And then a while back I heard someone on the food network (Ina I believe) say how important white plates were in order to let your food be your art. I've remembered it ever since, and it couldn't be more true. Perhaps some of it is a food trend thing :: like in the 80s, Lo Mein doesn't look so pretty whether its on turquoise or white. Or in the 60s meatloaf was still a brown hunk on a floral or a solid. But today so much of what is in is also beautiful. The farm-to-table and whole food movements have really changed what we're looking at. Beautiful roasted beets, chicken under a brick, or brussel sprout leaves should be showcased. They should be savored by the eye, just like each bite should be savored. Here are two plates that are on my list of must haves. Both can be found here, again, by the ever talented Heath Ceramics.

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