Happy Labor Day !

From day to day, nothing surely defines the quality of our lives as the unwavering affirmation in the eyes, in the voices, in the presence of our friends. It is through them that we truly begin to know ourselves, + it is their affection that assures our dignity and worth.
-Robert Sexton

last labor day

I was going to write about Plates, but since everyone is headed off to some sort of gathering or party for the long weekend, I thought I'd address the most important part of Dinner Party celebrations... The people surrounding you. I'm off to a wedding this weekend and the bride posted on Facebook that the fact she got to have everyone she loved in the same place for three days was reason enough to never elope -- even though she was tempted... Because when again in life do you get that ? Probably never. We certainly can't have everyone we love at every gathering, but hopefully each dining room table we gather around, picnic table we carry our dripping barbecue to, and too-many-bodies-filled couch we plop ourselves onto for a game of charades, is filled with warmth and friendship, love and appreciation. Have a great weekend.

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