Special Baking Assignment :: Part 4

Okay, I promise no more !! Just wanted to say two last things. I did sugar cookies in tee shirts (a theme from Liz + John's wedding invites), baby bottles and dog bones. Sugar cookies are a great addition because you can make them way ahead of time (up to a week !) and they're easy to personalize -- they make cookie cutters in every shape and size. This can make it a great cheap take away gift too ! Any basic recipe will do, and a simple powdered sugar icing with food coloring. Lastly -- use what you have for displays. I used old loaf pans for miniature chocolate chip cookies, egg cartons for sugar cookies, and a cutting board for my terrine. Also, make sure to keep your flavors different and complimentary at the same time. Don't overplay any one texture or taste, but nothing that wouldn't taste well on a plate sitting next to each other :).

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