Food Styling is a world I was only recently introduced to. Prior, I had an image from a sixth grade science class video that showed behind the scenes grill mark painting on hamburgers, etc ( not so sure why we watched it there ? Pretty sure sixth grade science was " Blood + Guts " with Ms. Severide ... A slight digression clearly ). Anyway, today the world is a bit more artistic than that. Above is the work of Heidi Johannsen Stewart, who according to Party Perfect is opening a Tea Shop in London. I fell in love with the images PP posted yesterday ( 3 + 4 ), and have been stalking her online.

It is amazing what work it takes to make things look casual and beautiful, but Heidi is beyond talented in my opinion. The first two images are taken from her portfolio work with THE DEN, and the last three are from a story with The Times Magazine called " Noble Savages : A Men's Tea Party " I love that the last bit shows her ability to be humorous too. Clearly she isn't just beauty focused. Other people worked on this shoot, so we wont give her all the credit, but how great is the tea in image 5 ? I love that for a men's tea party it looks like they're rolling a joint instead of drinking herbal goodness. And the tools in image 4 next to tea paraphernalia doesn't look fake or silly. It looks right at home.

I've had a lot of fun playing around with styling with Karen, and given that it is a very small world, it's fun coming across new names. I just wish Heidi had her own site so I could drool more, but I can't seem to find one !

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