Full Moon + Sunshine.

I don't buy into any of the hokey shifting of the planets affects or astrology junk ( LuAnn and Jill can keep their psychic to themselves ). Did I use the word junk ? I don't mean that rudely. If it's your thing, its your thing -- I won't judge. However, when my first long term boss told me my official start date had to be delayed because Mercury was in Retrograde, I knew Mercury was going to be the least of our problems, and boy was I right. Maybe these things are good indicators of something...

But anyway, I had the worst nights sleep last night. I woke up a ton of times ( so did teacake ), and I just know I had weird dreams I can't even remember anymore. I came downstairs and checked a moon calendar this am, and like clockwork, it was a full moon. No online community seems to buy into this. Which doesn't bode well for me considering what you can find out there. I was discussing it at a cocktail party this past weekend ( having no idea a full moon was approaching ) and we all agreed :: if the moon can affect the tides, why not us ? We are, what, 70% water after all ( I'm no scientist, don't quote me on that one )? I'm sticking to my guns for now. Published studies or not ( and the fact is not ).

My sister Jen might weigh in on this somewhere. She tells me all sorts of cool things about the moon and the sun I should already know + don't. The good news is there is sun today. Someone was also saying ( as we watched the sun set over the Hudson ) that it is good for our bodies / internal clocks to see the sun rise and set. Again, no quotes please -- I'm just repeating here say. But again, I buy this one, because of how happy Mr. Sunshine makes me !


  1. Did you know?... that more then 70% of storm cycles/ precipitation happen within 3 days before, during, and 3 days after a full moon?

  2. Thanks Jen ! I knew you'd pull through ( her first comment on a blog ). When I describe you to people I always use the image of asking you what time it is and you pointing to the sun while you determine. Gets everyone :).

    Honored to be the home of your first comment.