And the style award goes to...

Maggie Gyllenhaal. Clean, classic, with just enough current trend (the print). The blue pops on her and her hair and makeup is simple and fresh, but not boring at all.

If I had to complain about something, I would say the earrings aren't my favorite. But everything else looks so good, you don't even notice.

And the fact that she has the cutest brother in the world doesn't hurt anything.
[images courtesy of gettyimages]

*as a side note, the new adventure was canceled :(. Hence the time to post about the Oscars.


  1. Sorry to hear your adventure got canceled, but Maggie DID have a fab dress on! Too bad there were some bad dresses on that red carpet.

  2. Thanks Lauren ! total disappointment, but life goes on :). And YES. MOST of what was on the red carpet was atrocious, oye.

  3. Loved Maggie's look too - usually do. But I thought the bottom of the dress made it look a little cheesy. Prob just me. She still looked gorg!

  4. Yes I agree Liz, could have done without the white -- I think it just would have looked more formal all dark, but I didnt hate it. She is usually a great dresser !