When Only Classics Will Do.

When it comes to baking I like to try new things. I don't bake everyday, so when I can its fun to see a new finished product. And more than that I like pretty baked goods. I like rolling marzipan carrots for cupcakes and dying icing just the right shade of pink. But of course I have my Staples. One of which is my mom's chocolate chip cookies. Many an Agnes Irwin athlete of all different ages is very familiar with these treats. This, and her Caesar salad dressing will go down in history (yes Allison, and her red sauce), as some of the best the Main Line (of Pennsylvania) has ever seen. What's a little bit funny is (shhhh, don't tell), it's the recipe off of the toll house chocolate chip bag. She can do it in her sleep, but I still cheat and look. Here are two tricks Ive learned about them over the years that may help you : 1. Use your butter wrappers to grease your cookie sheets. This means no crumbs on the stick, and no butter on your hands. 2. ALWAYS refrigerate the dough before you bake. If you set it on the sheets in hard round balls instead of mushy clumps you will have much fluffier cookies. 3. Always use extra vanilla (I do in all my baking because Ina does ;)), and 4. Take them out a minute before you think they're done. They'll keep cooking on the sheet for a minute while they cool.

Sometimes these classics (CCC or Rice Krispie Treats) are the only things that feel appropriate. What are these guys for? Tomorrow I am going to my fourth annual Hunt, or Race at Far Hills. We are supposed to have torrential downpours for a day of tailgating in the rolling hills of New Jersey (no, not sarcastic, they do exist). So while they are not pretty, or new, this is an event for which Nance's chocolate chip cookies and good old Rice Krispie treats are the only sweets that will do.

Cross your fingers for blue skies (HA!) and happy Friday!


  1. GREAT tips on the CCC!

    I made CCC for my dad for his birthday & my older sister takes a bite and goes "Mmmmm! (pause) Almost as good as Nancy's."


  2. ps - that came up as "Linda" b/c I'm signed into my L&H Google acct. but it's Liz:)