Nicest Ever.

Want to do the nicest thing ever? Well someone did it for me this week, so I'll tell you in case you're interested. I had dinner plans with a friend Tuesday night who had been scalloping in Nantucket over the weekend (I know, I know, you don't scallop on Nantucket that often, so it could be difficult to pull off). Monday night however, a client of his sprung on him that he may or may not need to fly to Amsterdam the next day... No problem of course -- dinner plans in NYC are always questionable. I'm pretty sure it's more than other cities and its not because we're not good friends -- its because there are jobs/overlapping celebrations/surprise out-of-town guests -- the stimulus is endless. Anyway, Monday at lunch I get a call from my doorman alerting me of a delivery. With no idea what it was (nope, no online shopping this time, and I don't get personal phone calls there anyway ;)) I walked into my building to the large cooler bag you see above. Yup -- you guessed it. He had to go to Amsterdam but squeezed in a fresh-from-ACK-scallop yellow-cab drive-by. Inside was a ziplock of scallops, a lemon, the shells you see below and instructions on how to prepare.

Now I love Scallops, but had no idea broiling in these shells was an option (and so much less clean up!) so I patted dry as directed, laid them in a single layer on the shells, and salt and peppered (oh and preset the broiler too).

Here is how the looked pre-broil sesh. The instructions called for melting butter with lemon on the stove to be poured over the raw seafood. Im not much of a butter fan, and love the fresh taste of seafood (especially scallops). I contemplated olive oil, but decided to go au naturel (that's french for natural, without artificial additions), spritzed some lemon over them, and popped the suckers in.

Here is the finish product! To be taken out when they're lightly browned on top. Easy peasy lemon squeezey (no pun intended), and divine if I must tell you. Probably the nicest surprise Ive ever come home to. So now you know the traditional (easy as pie) way to prepare scallops, and what you can plan next time you're inclined to do the nicest thing ever.

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  1. That is SO nice!! I love surprises - and that's a good one.