Cultural Mondays with....errrr........

I was really looking forward to another cultural Monday with a post about the Queens County Farm Museum. I read about them in The Post last weekend, and was floored to find out what a hopping farm/working facility right here smack in the middle of Queens. So I recruited a friend and we cruised down 495 in the hopes of coming home with some prized pumpkins. Unfortunately, it was a little more New York than we dreamed of. Don't get me wrong--the actual farm might be beautiful. The issue is we wouldn't know because we never made it in. Instead, we found ourselves circling for far too long looking for parking, all the while, staring at a 3 block long line just to get in--turns out there was a children's fair going on with all sorts of goodies like a petting zoo, haunted house, you name it (salt in the wound!), Eventually, we threw in the towel and decided a nice walk through a quaint Queens neighborhood would have to do.

As a side note, this entire incident reminded me of the last time my father, sister and I attempted to go to the Natural History Museum. It was hot hot summer and I knew how this would turn out. My father refused to listen to me and we attempted it anyway. After 30 minutes of trying to get tickets and battle elevator crowds my father saw a ginormous summer camp group trying to get where he wanted to go. And the final nail was hammered in the coffin. We were out of there like it was nobody's business, and bestowed the tickets on some lucky passersby on the street. He was passing those puppies off like they were hot coals burning his hands.

Instead, in true New Yorker fashion, I cam home and bought this guy at Whole Foods. Not quite as romantic, but there was no line to get in and I didn't need to bring my car. I tried out Martha's carrot nose. Pretty cute and super simple.

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  1. What activities followed our failed attempt at being cultural? Sitting in a movie theatre for 45 minutes because nothing was playing? Right... :)