I can't believe I want to write about the New Year and we're already a month into it. That really puts in perspective for me why a year can fly by the way it does... Only 11 more of these to go. I was thinking yesterday--mostly because I haven't been in proper school since early December that I feel lazy and a little aimless. I had the itch of wanting to make more and do more and help more. Which led my mind here--as it often does, that the beauty of a silly little blog is that I can look back and see my own crafted words often. And posting them to the internet instead of jotting them in a journal makes it more of a responsibility and therefore more likely to occur. Anyway - on the flip side I hate coming back here knowing there is a risk that I'm not here to stay. I am making it a goal to write at least once a week. That seems reasonable, right ?

I was particularly inspired to start this today, the 5th of February, because I just came across this blog posting on Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Blog. As I'm sure we all know where she is coming from I thought it a good one for the beginning (ish) of the year. I don't think I'm there yet but I do so appreciate her words. And as I graduate (once again) very shortly, it makes me wonder if finding your purpose externally is a myth... Maybe she is right.

[Image above courtesy of Jodi Housman--from our NYE spent with Jay z + Coldplay at Barclay's Center in Brooklyn]

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