I promised myself I would get back here by this week. I mean, I promised myself I'd be back here all summer but when I realized it was moving as quickly as the school year if not quicker, I dropped the ball. So here is an attempt to begin again.

My summer is rapidly coming to a close. For three months I have been working in an office, working for friends, catching up with friends while they don't live a train ride away, and dealing with the more colossal moments of life that seem to come in numbers. You know what they say :: When it rains, it pours.

A friend and I have talked many times about the scene of Magnolia with Tom Cruise and Philip Seymour Hoffman where it starts raining frogs. The movie jumps from story line to story line that previously had no common thread, and in each it is teeming frogs. The characters, understandably, are shocked and all activity ceases as they watch in awe--frogs hitting their windshields, windows, and heads. And just as suddenly as it started, it stops. The world is quiet. And every scene slowing begins again. Those that were eating continue eating, conversing, walking, driving. And no one ever talks about it again. It's not to say when our worlds crumble we ignore it and never talk about it again, but we do learn that life goes on. When events that are sadder or stranger than we ever imagined possible smack us in the face, we still walk into the office the next morning with a smile on our face, we still meet our friends for dinner, and life keeps rolling on around us, so must we.

It's a crazy phenomena that speaks to the layers and multiplicities of life that are constantly present. There is so much sweetness and so much sorrow that can be wrapped up in the same week, day, minute. I wish I could write about it as eloquently as Virginia Woolf or Jonathan Franzen, but instead Ill just continue to marvel at the wonder of it all.

There were so many sweet moments this summer and I feel so fortunate to have the people and family that I do in my life. I have so missed writing. Fingers are crossed that it works it's way back into my routine.

*Image taken last weekend in Montauk, New York at the Montauket Inn.

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