I had the fortune of spending a night in Camden, Maine last week. After spending six summers and four years of my life in this precious state, I know Ive left part of my heart there. I feel the pangs of nostalgia just crossing the border. No other state has charm quite like Maine. Their rocky coast, ice cream stands, and sweet sweet people have a heartbeat of their own. I have always loved the salt tattered shingle housing of New England, but I doubly love that Maine architecture largely departs from that. The white clapboard that is so common up there has a purity and Americana unlike anywhere else. It all feels so very Edward Hopper. I felt as though everywhere I turned something white was catching my eye...


  1. Love love LOVE these shots. The square format is perfect.

  2. Did you take these pictures? Next question: Will you sell me some?!

    1. Tommy you are just the best little blogging cheerleader that ever was ! I did take them :). Maine makes it easy. And I would gladly give them to you.