Recent Addictions

I know this post isn't riveting for a Monday morning, but my life has me holed up on my sixth floor studio in "down city"(why not downtown ?!) Providence. Whoa is me -- just have to persevere a bit longer and I can at least come up for air. The last week or two has me spending an inordinate amount of time at the RISD Store + our local branch of Utrecht. Two things I can not get enough of, no matter how little I need them, are Moleskine notebooks, and Micron pens. I know neither is new to the scene, but it's just amazing how once you pop you can't stop. Moleskines come in all sorts of sizes and beautiful colors, and somehow the company has gotten the basic notebook dead on. I can't imagine them being better. Same goes for micron pens -- I love how I write with them, I like drawing with them, and best of all -- they remind me of my grandmother -- because she always uses them. Okay... Back to work.


  1. I love micron pens for drawing! I use the 01 for super thin lines. The result in letterpress is stunning.


  2. Maybe I need to try one of these out--especially if you AND LL (Cool 'bre) are on board.