Yesterday trying to outsmart my gps on my way to New York I ended up in Queens. This meant traffic of course, and I rolled down my window to let the mild December air in. Overhead a train rattled through. Sirens zipped by me, and cars around my started honking at one-an-other's delayed reactions.

And in all honesty ? My heart was warmed. I felt energized, and so happy to be back in this city. Never in a million years would I have believed that racket and impatience would warm my heart, but like a true New Yorker, it did. (My father always reminds me of the Sex and The City scene when Samantha comes back from LA and a PETA protester throws paint on her fur. She looks up with splatters all over her face and says "God I love New York").

A favorite photographer of mine recently moved here. This is what she had to say ::

I arrived a week ago. My eyes are tired, I see so much here. The constant raw pounding rhythm of the streets pushes me to walk just a little longer and look- wait- listen.
The energy outside keeps me outside, not wanting to miss a single moment of you.
I drink my coffee with milk while sitting on a worn bench so I don’t miss anything. Not a thing.
I am restless. At night I walk to the park, listening to people’s lives as they talk about the food they ate, the boy they like, the music they heard.
My index finger is on the shutter always looking for just something, something, something. Maybe it’s a touch, a scene, a simple beautiful face.
I take in all you have, I breathe you in like a smell I’ve never tasted… rust and perfume and loose change.

I think she sums it up beautifully (although not all of us felt this way the week we get here -- can be quite an adjustment). I hope you all have a beautiful holiday spirit filled weekend.

Photo courtesy of Penny De Los Santos

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