Name Change.

I've thought about this for a while... Nothing has come of it because I was very undecided on what it would be. To be honest, I still don't know. But life and thoughts feel very different than they did two or so years ago when I started this. This doesn't necessarily mean a name change, but I was feeling one. I was feeling like the former was cutesy and easy to get sick of. It felt specific to baking and domesticity, and yet sort of specific to nothing. Something you should be careful about when choosing a name right ? You can't decide when your child's ten that their name is cutesy or annoying. Lesson learned.

I decided to take the plunge. Just on the header, to make it easy for my five readers to keep coming back ;). As clear from my posts from the beginning there is a lot of cataloging of my thoughts and things I like. Sort of selfish, but I've always recognized this is mostly for me. So to keep it simple (and because the divine inspiration doesn't seem to be headed my way) you've got my first initial and middle name. Something my mom called me when I was young. In fact, I can still picture the permanent marker version of this across the top of a plastic 80s lunch box... And I don't even remember what was on the lunchbox. Strawberry shortcake maybe ? Matching thermos inside, whatever it was. Gosh those were great... Why did they ever get updated to soft bags and water bottles ?


  1. Very nice. :) And I agree about that elusive inspiration in the blog world. It's so much worse to fake it and post every day than to do a post with some substance every few days.

    I miss those lunchboxes, too. Damn.

  2. Thanks Katie + Tommy ! I miss them too Tommy... Such smart design, why'd we move on ? And Miss you Katie ! xx