I'm Back :)

I've had a crazy six weeks, but I am back, rested, and ready to enjoy my freedom for the next five weeks. Thank you thank you Jenny for sharing so many wonderful thoughts while I was gone.

With one of my first free nights last week I saw a documentary that's been on my list :: Buck (I guess RISD really has infiltrated--my first 3 free days I went to a museum + a documentary). If you have a moment to see this film and it's playing near you, definitely see it. It's not only a beautiful story about man + animal, but a view of humanity that reminds us what is good in the world, what we should strive towards, and how we can all overcome, no matter how sad our story is. I promise this film is for you even if you're not a horse person. And if you are ? Travel to the nearest location come hell or high water :).

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