Fall Nails

I take a long time deciding what color to paint my nails. I can (embarrassingly) stare at a wall of colors for 10 minutes before deciding what moves me. I hate picking something I'm not happy with. My one fool proof color for my fingernails is "Fed Up," shown above. It is soft, with just enough color that it isn't clear, but just little enough that its not a cheesy white or pink... And it's still feminine. Joanna Goddard was talking about the perfect color the other day, and I thought I should share this one. I mean, its been fool proof since High School. High School. There isn't much else that has carried through since then.
I also thought I should note that I saw these "Les Jeans de Chanel" limited edition colors recently on Because Im Addicted. I've never imagined myself saving a date to get online and order nail polish... But me and blue ... I am loving Blue Rebel and Blue Boy. Im thinking I can even get away with them on my fingers during the winter (and because Im an art student, the perfect excuse for anything whacky ;).


  1. Blue approves. Blue boy for the wedding, please!

  2. Also. I had never even heard of Fed Up. Thanks for Amazing Lizzy Style Tip #9804409768!

  3. I'm partial to Essie's "Limo Scene" if you are getting "Fed Up"

  4. Meg - Now Im on a mission ! Brides orders :). And you wouldnt regret going for Fed Up for the big day. Reginge -- yes I have a lot of friends that have always gone for limoscene. My back up is usually power lunch :).